Lady Gaga’s New Metal Band


It's no secret that Lady Gaga is talented!

We have seen her perform live in full band support, broke down acoustic performances and now singing lead along with front man James Hetfield with Metallica on the 2017 Grammy Awards. Besides some initial problems with James mic, the performance as a whole was great! Not only did Metallica sound amazing, Lady Gaga actually looked and sounded the part as well as any rock female artist.

I am not ashamed to say that Lady Gaga could probably do really well with her own rock band. She is a great song writer and performer......and god knows we need to get more rock music back in the mainstream.

So what do you say Gaga?

Can we count on you to bring back the rock?

Videos that were added by fans to youtube received thousands of views in less than in hour before they were removed for copyright reasons. We found one...but it will more than likely get removed:

Didn't get to see it? Grab the GIF:

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