How to Set Up an Online Business


The internet is a haven for the entrepreneur. Often offering high rewards at low risk, the worldwide web increases the volume of a business’s audience and makes it easier than ever to exchange goods and even services.

So why are we not all bathing in online made money? The simple fact of the matter is, while so many people use the internet to make money, so few know how to. Therefore, for those few: the five basic rules on how to make some serious money online.

1) Know your business

This should generally be the rule for making money in any environment. If you are confused then you can refer this post for lots of online business ideas. Knowing what you intend on doing before you set out, is a fundamental life imperative.

Just because things are made easier online doesn’t mean a blueprint isn’t required. Set up a plan as you would do in the offline world and base some organisation around your work.

2) Set Up Your Own Website

The key word in that subheading was ‘own’. Everybody knows that when marketing online, a website provides an online presence.

However, the mistake many people make is setting up a website that is a sub domain for a larger host site. This limits the level of control you have over your site, which is a problem when considering my next point.

Now a days you can find plans as cheap as $50 per annum for WordPress hosting with a domain name. Creating a website with WordPress is very easy.

3) Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

Most people, most of the time, are exposed to products and services through search engines. A website that isn’t search engine friendly simply won’t get picked up on the radar and won’t see a great deal of traffic.

The art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), when done correctly, propels a website higher up onto the search engine’s results, making it visible to most internet users.

In reference to my previous point, SEO needs a properly structured search engine friendly website, which in turn requires someone skilled in the art of online marketing to take control of your website alongside you (if you’re not already skilled yourself of course). his can only really be done best through having full control of your site like WordPress site.

You can get the basic ideas of SEO from sites like Moz, Backlinko etc and if done correctly, it will give a good exposure to your online business.

4) Keep a Small Kitty Aside for Added Investment

Investing in an online business can be virtually free and is generally dirt cheap. However, in order to push your business ahead of competitors a little bit of lolly may be necessary.

Whether that’s from your own personal savings or external investment; quite frankly you can even compare credit cards and get one of those for yourself. Either way, a touch of money may be what differentiates a decent online business to a great one.

5) Always Stay One Step Ahead

It is clear that the internet changed the face of marketing. What few people realise however is that the internet is also constantly changing and likewise, so are the rules on how to make money on it.

Keep an eye out for any new programs that might help your business in any way; an eye out for any changes Google makes to its infrastructure; and an eye out to the latest booming websites, social media networks or any other platforms that can be used for promotion purposes.

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