5 Things You Can Do From The Heart For Valentines Day


Over the years it seems like Valentines Day has become more and more about the Material Things we can and have to buy for our significant other. From jewelry to tool, cars, electronics, high priced dinners and flowers, does it ever end? Not from what we can see. And reports suggest that the Valentines Day is becoming with of the biggest spending days besides the obvious Christmas Holiday.

Want to break from that mold? Want to do something a little more heartfelt?

We have come up with 5 Things You Can Do From The Heart For Valentines Day that we think will actually make your partner melt with love. This list is geared more toward married couples and couples in long-term live-in relationships. I apologize if some of these are obvious. 🙂

Breakfast in Bed

It doesn't take much to make a nice little breakfast for your significant other.

We suggest you add some fruit, a glass of juice, and a single (or small bouquet) flower on a platter or bedside table with a main dish (eggs, waffles, etc.).

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A Good Morning Massage

Nothing says 'I love To Pamper You' more than a massage.

Spend a good 30 minutes and make him or her feel relaxed and loved.


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Shower Them With Love

No...literally take a shower with them! Make your time romantic and maybe a little intimate.

You don't just have to wash his or her back!


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A Trip Down Memory Lane

This is not rocket science, but the thought can go a long way! Surprise him or her with a blast from your past together. Maybe a day trip to a place that's special to you both, like maybe where you met or had a first date.

Obviously it has to be something or somewhere that is somewhat easily accessible to you.

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A Coupon Book

This can be a fun way to create something, especially if you are short on cabage, that your significant other will get a kick out of and will more than likely use! You can create coupons for them to use such as: '1 Day With No Excuses' or 'I Will Be Your Servant For The Day' or 'I Will Spend The Day Shopping With You'. Just be creative and it will be a hit!


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