Top 3 Etsy Cyber Week Items For Your Christmas List


Christmas is fast approaching and this week marks the start of the hectic shopping season. If you are looking for that special item that isn't in every single store on every corner or every town, than Etsy is the place for you.

Here are 3 of some of the top 5 Etsy Cyber Week Christmas Deals For You


Liquor Lighted Apothecary Lamp

Are you looking for something special to put in you bar, bedroom, office or man cave? Well, this is the perfect lamp for you.

A beautifully tall apothecary jar that has a liquor bottle of your choosing in the center and is filled with remote controlled lights or a copper wire set that has a smaller switch.

To top it all off it comes with a cordless bulb. This makes it perfect to be put practically anywhere.

The lamps are shown with a silver glittery cylinder lampshade but they can be adjusted to match your decor

SALE: $59.49+ $84.99+

You save $25.50 (30%)

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Dual Framed Metallic Harley Davidson Prints

The Harley Museum, factory and offices in Milwaukee are really an amazing site to behold if you ever get a chance. The artist was lucky enough to have an all access pass during the closed hours and it allowed them to spend a lot of time focusing on the machines beauty. Even some of the older machines that were very rusted. Just like the American Pickers say "Rusty Gold."

The pictures were taken in all color but the lighting and the machines just lent themselves to being in bronze. Add that to printing them on metallic paper and you have something truly spectacular.

SALE: $56.00+ $80.00+

You save $24.00 (30%)

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Wood Burned Stampeding Horses Coat Rack

The artist and her husband love to take their boat out on Lake Michigan and fish for some beautiful Lake Trout.

One day they went fishing and got caught up on something and it took them forever to get it up onto the boat.

Once they did though she didn't pay much attention to it. She was simply in a rush to get it off her line so she could keep fishing.

It was not until months later when she heard about a very old fishing vessel being found near where they were fishing that that board came to mind.

She went out to the boat and took a close look at it. The boat that sank was from the mid 1800s and had caught fire before It sank in Lake Michigan. The plank appeared that it could have been off of a boat and it appeared to have some burn spots.

It was remarkable to her and she held onto it for years.

She then decided to create a coat rack out of it. To add dimension to it she free hand wood burned wild stampeding horses into the wood with dust billowing up among them.

She then sealed it with a thick water proof outdoor sealant. The she went back and sanded it. Then went back and resealed it with a lighter coat of clear indoor sealant.

It makes the horses appear to be running in and out of clouds of kicked up prairie dust.

This coat rack has 3 double antique black hooks.

It will look amazing in any house.

It is approximately 4 feet long and 6 inches at its widest point

SALE: $115.50+ $165.00+

You save $49.50 (30%)



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